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D day

157,000 soldiers stormed the beach of Normandy knowing that as soon as the hatches dropped on their armored watercraft, 85 machine guns were aimed in on them.  Many knew they weren’t going home and many wives knew they weren’t going to see their husbands again. Yet they put their heads down and moved forward. They … Continued

Food Label

Reading a food label can get overwhelming fast, we’re here to help you break it down step by step. Check out the video below where Nick Leyden @gorillavanilla23 reviews all the content to take into consideration when making your food selections.

Resistant Starch: What is it? And why is it so good for you?

Looking to cut a few calories out of your diet, lose weight, improve gut bacteria, and increase your satiety (feeling full) levels throughout the day? Uhhh…… ME! Then you should start adding resistant starches to your diet. What the hell is a resistant starch? It’s a starch that acts like fiber, a soluble, fermented fiber … Continued

Pull Day – 03.02.2018

Happy Friday!! March is here – that means time for reflection.  Think back over the month of Feb… 3 things you accomplished 3 things you struggled with 3 things you were grateful for 1 new thing you learned 1 thing that will make March the best month ever Share in the comments on Facebook or … Continued