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MetCon Thursday 03.01.2018

Happy MetCon Thursday! “Do the thing you think you cannot do.” – Eleanor Roosevelt Dang, Does ol’ Elle go here? She sounds like a Headstrong Coach! Over here droppin’ truth bombs…If you look at a work out for you look at life and you start to question whether you’re up to the challenge, chances are … Continued

Squat Day 02.28.2018

“What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it.” -Unknown Every day is important. Every day counts. We are only here for a finite amount of time…how do you want to spend yours?  Are you happy most days? Are you happy most of the day?  How many … Continued

Hinge Day – 02.26.2018

Happy Monday! Start your week off with a healthy dose of hinging. The Hinge is one of the most important athletic movements but often overlooked, or treated like a squat with the weight in the hands vs the trunk…ouch!  Proper hip hinge has SO many benefits from reducing injury to improving athletic performance, saving your … Continued

PULL DAY 2-23-18

  We Pulling!! The back is so underrated in the fitness world when it should be one of the main focuses!  It supports and controls just about everything we do.  It stabilizes us and creates a good foundation for form and posture which in turn will prevent injury.  It is literally a road map for … Continued