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157,000 soldiers stormed the beach of Normandy knowing that as soon as the hatches dropped on their armored watercraft, 85 machine guns were aimed in on them. 

Many knew they weren’t going home and many wives knew they weren’t going to see their husbands again. Yet they put their heads down and moved forward.
They knew but one thing at that moment,  survival.  Because at any given second one of those rounds coming from anywhere along that ridge was meant for them.  
While today we worry about things on a much smaller scale because of men and women like this, Live in the present moment because in the blink of an eye it could all come to an end, far too many of us are concerned about material, or how many followers we have, or how long we can safely make it in this world… Things nature just doesn’t seem to care about too much.
fitness is our way of living in the moment each and every day so that we are willing and able to handle anything that comes our way and enjoy life in whatever aspect that we please
this day in 1944, countries came together to kick ass, what many were too weak to do.  I believe we have come a very long way since this and progressed in many ways but I do know we still have some who are willing to put their heads down and charge forward so the rest of the world can play it safe. 
Their heroism and bravery is something I will never match too.  But I am honored to call my self a veteran and American today.