The Squat Program



Build a STRONG foundation.

Increase your range of motion.

Increase knee and ankle mobility.

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Built for everyone

Master your squat technique and break through your plateaus with our step-by-step program to help you build your squat, increase your stability and mobility, and learn proper muscle activation.



Improve strength and increase range of motion


Maximize your performance and optimize recovery


Improve your flexibility, stability, and mobility

Hypertrophy of your weak links can help build your squat, or any lift for that matter. You can increase the size of your muscles with solid programming and hard work, and you can get more efficient at moving heavy weight.


Track your progress.

Track your workouts online and on your mobile device.

Ultra flexible

Never miss a workout with scheduled workouts.

Great Support

Step-by-step instructional videos for each movement.


Wide range of choices

Injured? Substitute exercises and movements from a set list.

Fast as lighting

Our app is FAST so you're never left waiting for things to load.


Get notifications to keep your workouts on track.

The best way to strengthen a squat is to pinpoint the weak links and attack them.

Only $37/mo.

Subscribe now and get instant access to this world-class, 6-week Squat program PLUS access to our online community full of others completing this program alongside you.

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