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Looking to cut a few calories out of your diet, lose weight, improve gut bacteria, and increase your satiety (feeling full) levels throughout the day? Uhhh…… ME! Then you should start adding resistant starches to your diet.

What the hell is a resistant starch?

It’s a starch that acts like fiber, a soluble, fermented fiber baby.

Resistant starches found in potatoes, legumes, unripe bananas, and grains are starches that do not get digested in the small intestine. Once the resistant starches (RS) make their way to your colon or large intestine they begin a fermentation process which helps promote a favorable gut biome and produces several compounds including gases, short-chain fatty acids. The most important of these fatty acids is Butyrate.

Butyrate is the preferred source of energy for the cells lining the colon and it feeds healthy gut bacteria. That’s like hitting 2 birds with 1 stone. Improve cell function of colon and promote a healthier gut biome.

So what are the benefits of Butyrate?

  • Decrease Ph levels
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Promotes anti-cancer effect.
  • Increases insulin sensitivity
  • Helps maintain gut barrier which is important because an impaired gut barrier can lead to fatty liver, heart failure, and auto immune diseases.

Adding resistant starches to your diet blocks your body’s ability to effectively metabolize glucose (carbs) molecules in the liver to be used as fuel. What does this mean? It means your body must rely on its fat stores to help keep you going throughout the resulting in greater fat utilization throughout the day.  One study found that after eating a meal with RS resulted in 20-30% more fat metabolism throughout the day compared to a control group that had same amount of calories but didn’t have resistant starches. Resistant starches also roughly have about 2 calories per gram instead of the normal 4 calories per gram.

Cool dude, just tell me what to do….

You got it!

These are my go to ways to start adding resistant starches to your diet.
  1. Cook & Cool, Cook & Cool, Cook & Cool (Give me all the leftovers you have)
    1. Cook potatoes, pasta, beans, legumes then let them refrigerate for at least 24 hours and then reheat and eat. * The more times you reheat and cool your food the more starch molecules will be converted to resistant starches.
  2. Low and Slow
    1. Cooking potatoes that takes a longer duration such as roasting was shown to increase RS by x 24 times that of quick cooking methods such as boiling or microwaving. Get out that slow cooker baby!
  3. Freeze!
    1. Freezing bread and tortillas has been shown to almost double the amount of resistant starches.
  4. Supplement
    1. @Red Mill Potato Starch has about 8g per Tbsp. of which almost 0 are usable carbs. Add it to your smoothies or sprinkles some on top of a salad or meal.


Thank you,

Nick Leyden

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