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Out Vision

We are passionate about helping people lead a strong, positive life. Being invested and interested in others and where they are in their journey of health, fitness, and wellness is what sets us apart. We focus on empowering our clients and encouraging clients to take what they learn and apply it to their lives.

Our Promise

We are committed to creating and providing a safe, community oriented environment in person and online catered to individuals whom are looking to educate themselves in proper movement, nutrition and mental wellness. We fill an important void in the fitness industry that bridges the gap between the practice of prevention and rehabilitation in terms of physical and mental wellness. We will strive to educate and guide all levels of athletes in areas of strength, speed, power and agility with healthy movement in order to increase their longevity and produce a higher performing athletic career.

Our Approach

We focus on building a baseline of strength through proper movements and building a balanced body which prevents and rehabs injuries. We are the ultimate hybrid strength and conditioning gym. By combining powerlifting, bodybuilding, endurance training, strongman, gymnastics, sport specific and olympic lifting with high intensity, low impact movements, you are guaranteed results! We work with all levels of training, from top level athletes to the person who just wants to feel better.

Our Training Philosophy

Every method has its merit. Growing up in the 80s and 90s, powerlifting and bodybuilding were huge, so I had the great opportunity to learn a lot from those modalities. Being a soldier and competitive athlete in the 2000s honed-in my way of thinking. It has been my life’s journey to become the strongest and fittest I can, but I never loved one specific way of training. Using what I have learned from so many different aspects of sport and fitness, the Headstrong formula was created.

With the ability to target certain nervous system’s through movement, we can help with recovery and balance. Every day we target a different movement pattern and train the muscle groups that complement it. This also gives us the opportunity to recover before hitting that same muscle group or movement pattern again.
Each workout is programmed in a way to use our energy systems to its full potential, starting with the strength power movement, we use up our creatine phosphate first, leading into accessories or the bodybuilding aspect creating hypertrophy in the muscle groups we'll then use up our carb sources. Finally we turn the heat up with what we call the burner, with low eccentric low skill low weight-bearing movements so the intensity can go up, and we finished off our energy system stores of the fat.
Robby McLaughlin Founder

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