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Helping others strengthen their minds so that they can lead a positive, happy life while inspiring those around them to do the same.


Building a community of like minded individuals that train hard, show up pumped, and support others in their journey to their goals.


Serving the community and bridging the gap between prevention and rehabilitation by building stronger, balanced bodies and minds.

Our story begins from our home. We opened up our doors to the community to begin helping others take control of their goals and accomplish them. We are incredibly focused on how people can spread positivity through their own strengths.

We are passionate about helping people lead a strong, positive life. Being invested and interested in others and where they are in their journey of health, fitness, and wellness is what sets us apart. We focus on empowering our clients and encouraging clients to take what they learn and apply it to their lives.

We are committed to creating and providing a safe, community oriented environment in person and online catered to individuals whom are looking to educate themselves in proper movement, nutrition and mental wellness. We fill an important void in the fitness industry that bridges the gap between the practice of prevention and rehabilitation in terms of physical and mental wellness. We will strive to educate and guide all levels of athletes in areas of strength, speed, power and agility with healthy movement in order to increase their longevity and produce a higher performing athletic career.

We focus on building a baseline of strength through proper movements and building a balanced body which prevents and rehabs injuries. We are the ultimate hybrid strength and conditioning gym. By combining powerlifting, bodybuilding, endurance training, strongman, gymnastics, sport specific and olympic lifting with high intensity, low impact movements, you are guaranteed results! We work with all levels of training, from top level athletes to the person who just wants to feel better.

Giving back to the community is a huge part of what we do so we are paired up with a company that picks a new organization each month to donate to. Donations happen by clients checking into Headstrong Fit on Facebook. We love hearing how we can help more, if you have a foundation or organization that you feel would be a great fit for us to help out, let us know!

Meet the Team

Robby McLaughlin

Owner & Head Coach

“With the passion to learn, I have trained, coached and competed in many different areas of fitness and sports. But, overcoming injuries through strength is something I’ve learned so much from and am proud of.”

Kaelon Russell

General Manager - SGT & Nutrition Coach

Kaelon is originally from Santa Cruz, CA and after serving in the US Coast Guard moved to San Diego where he started as a personal trainer and got his degree in Kinesiology. His favorite thing about Headstrong is getting to watch an amazing community of people grow, work hard, and constantly support each other while striving toward their personal goals. BS Kinesiology - Fitness & Nutrition Specialist NASM CPT PES CES CrossFit Level 1 Trainer TRX STC1

Nick Leyden

Online Coaching

Nick was an original Headstrong SGT Coach before he left to travel the world! Nick is now Headstrong Mobile’s Head Coach and offers his coaching online! Nick has his MS and BS in Kinesiology, as well as his CSCS.