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Robby McLaughlin

Founder & Head Coach

Our fearless leader. When asked why he started Headstrong, Robby says, “I’ve always wanted to find the smartest way to train. I’ve competed in a lot of different types of strength sports and sports in general, I’ve been injured a lot, and I wanted to take all of those experiences and create something special. I wanted to create a community that focuses on helping people with their fitness goals, mental goals, and injury prevention goals. There isn’t one right way of fitness—every method has its merit.”

Rachel Elizabeth

Rachel is a Small Group Training coach who’s finishing up her BS in Kinesiology at Cal Poly and plans to pursue a Master’s in Kinesiology as well. Her favorite thing about Headstrong is the community!

Nick Leyden

Nick is a coach of our Small Group Training classes. Nick is also Headstrong Mobile’s Head Coach and offers his coaching online! Nick has his MS and BS in Kinesiology, as well as his CSCS.

Aimee Blackwood

HIIT coach Aimee Blackwood is also our Assistant Manager aka Gym Mom. Aimee got her BS in Kinesiology from Cal Poly. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful addition to our team!

Alyse Meza

Alyse Meza coaches our HIIT classes. When asked why she likes to workout, Alyse says “working out is my outlet and reminds me that if I work hard and show up, I will see change. Change allows growth and that is what inspires me to keep learning, testing myself, and surround myself with like-minded people with the same passion.”

Maddie Jefferies

Maddie Jeffries coaches HIIT classes. If Maddie were an animal, she’d be an elephant because females run the herd!

Jenna Miller

HIIT coach Jenna Miller, when asked what she likes to do outside the gym, says “I like to do anything that challenges me to learn and grow – I recently got into mountain bike riding, became nasm personal trainer and Yoga Sculpt certified.” Jenna is a rockstar in our community, spreading her love for health and fitness to our local schools for a nonprofit organization called Project Teen Health . 🔥🏋🏼💥

Jacqueline Lerma

Jacqueline is our amazing office manager. Jacqueline is from Hollister, CA and, outside of the gym, loves to climb! You can find her hanging out at the The Pad Climbing SLO right across the parking lot!